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United Nations WFP

Transporting humanitarian supplies to Entebbe, Uganda. …
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Europe Best Partner Award

Rewarded by agents globally located as their best European partner for 2010 …
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Frisian Solar Challenge, 2010

04 July 2010 – 10 July 2010, Shipping boats. …
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New Facility for Your Cargo Contact

19 June 2010, YCC is moving to a new facility. …
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Chartered Nose Loader for DOH

Nose loader chartered from AMS – DOH. Shipping steel for building a soccer stadion. …
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Break Bulk shipment for Saudi

This Break Bulk shipment was supposed to go by ocean on OT containers to Saudi. Due to late production we changed mode of transport into airfreight. …
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Shipping 1 aircraft engine for IB, DDP Nigeria. …
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14 Trucks for WFP

03 Feb. 2010, shipping 14 trucks to Eastern Africa for United Nation’s World Food Program. …
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WCAF conference in BKK, Thailand

Thank you for visiting us at booth 45 in BKK! …
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Shipping trucks for UN

5 January 2010, Your Cargo Contact B.V. shipped 10 DAF trucks to Africa for the United Nations. …
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