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On Board Courier

For an automobil factory located nearby Sao Paulo we were requested to take the first flight out of Amstrerdam. We were asked to handcarry the ur…
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65 containers for South America

Your cargo Contact shipped 65 full containers to South America. This load is the first 65 FCL's of a total of 150 containers to move. …
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31st World Convention, Crete Greece

14th of May 2017, the 31st World Convention in Crete, Greece. Your Cargo Contact took part of this excellent network. Wonderful people and v…
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WF 25 years

An always well organised network. Fun people and quality seems the only word for it. YCC contributed to the network in Hungary to celebrate the 25 yea…
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MO11-2 - Champion

Your Cargo Contact is shirt sponsor of all ladies at the local footballclub, VV Bergen. Specifically the YCC team MO11-2 won the league this…
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AJAX women 1

Your Cargo Contact main sponsor for the event. Ajax women 1 were to train all the ladies with our local football club VV Bergen and other ladies …
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Women clinic

9 April 2017, Your Cargo Contact B.V. is sponsoring VV Bergen, a local football club. A women clinic will be held the 9th of April, exclusiv…
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Exhibition goods

24 tonnes by air for the exhibition System Intergration being held in Singapore. …
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WCA World in Singapore

10 February 2017, Your Cargo Contact promoting its services at booth A6 at the world's largest conference in the industry. …
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1 January 2017, Your Cargo Contact wishes everyone a happy New Year! …
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